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McLazzy Integrated Services Ltd

Experts in Sand Control Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our Vision

To become and remain worthy servants to our clients now and in the future

Our Mission

Building relationships through integrity and on-time service deliveries.

Our Values

Integrity | Timely Service Delivery | Professionalism

Our Goals

I. To adhere to standard work ethics, rules and regulations. II. To maintain a higher sense of Integrity and honesty before our clients. III. Do our work safely and consistently with responsibility over health and environmental principles. IV. Make continuous improvements on existing strategies and search for new innovations V. To create an atmosphere of friendliness while carrying out our responsibilities. VI. To demonstrate some degree of quality and precision in the manner we deliver our results.

Our Services

Sand Control Management
We provide the best Sand Control Management Services to the Oil & Gas Sector
Acoustic BHP Services
We got you covered any time
Corrosion Services (CUI, Internal & Lab)
We provide the best services that you can't find anywhere around

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Why Choose McLazzy?

We exist as the best service providers in Sand Control Management for the Oil & Gas Sector across the Niger Delta

Fast & Efficient

We are satisfactorily fast and efficient in our delivery.

Acoustic Technology

We are known for high level of safety and efficiency in delivering the best in Sand Control Management Services in the Oil & Gas industry.

19 Years of Experiences

We have been in business for 19 years and have developed and grown with wealth of experience which keeps us outstanding in the market.

24/7 Assistance

Our clients get services and support any time.

Total Projects
Satisfied Clients


“Nice report - sand/debris total looks significantly reasonable and makes it a lot easier.”
mclazzy BHP

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McLazzy Services

We are the best in the Oil and Gas Industry when it comes to providing…

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