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McLazzy Integrated Services Limited (RC 1114359) was incorporated on the 13th May 2013. Before now it existed as a registered business (McLazzy Integrated Services) which entered into partnership with Codecong Nigeria Limited in 2006 to form CODE OIL & GAS LIMITED incorporated on the 29th November 2006. It is an indigenous based engineering servicing, equipment and procurement company with specific interest in the oil and gas sector and other technological applications.

The main focus of the company since commencement of her operations has been to provide a platform for specialist multinational manufacturing and service companies to operate within Nigeria (based on local content policies), the West Africa sub-region and Africa. To enhance the operations of these specialist companies with its added value engineering capabilities and services, McLazzy Integrated Services Limited is building an indigenous technology resource base that will ensure adequate transfer of technology and adherence to globally acceptable standards.

McLazzy Integrated Services Limited chooses to promote the technology and services of Echometer Company, Wichita Falls Texas, Pulsar Process Measurement Limited, Worcestershire England, Brown Corrosion Services Inc. Houston Texas, PolyGuard Products, Houston Texas, H2Obvious UK Limited, Dr Alec Groysman a Corrosion Control Consultant from Israel and also into talks with other companies as well.

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Oil & Gas Services
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I. Non – Intrusive Sand Detection: The non – intrusive sand detection is with the use of SandAlert SandAlert Applications  Well Clean up & Testing Operations  Well Optimization Operations  Sand Checks along with Sand Trap  Production Sand Monitoring in Matured Fields  Verifying the Integrity of Downhole Sand Exclusions II. Intrusive Sand Detection: III. Complete Sand Check Operations: IV. Desanding & Hydrotesting Services V. Hydro Cyclone Sand Trap

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I. Internal Corrosion & Erosion. 2) Cathodic Protection Supply, Services, Installations and Surveys. 3) Cuprion™, an Electrolytic Anti-Fouling System (OFFSHORE). 4) Anti – Corrosion Gel in partnership with PolyGuard Products, Houston Texas 5) Profiling or Detection of Corrosion under Insulation. 6) H2Obvious Installation and Maintenance


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